Never been to Saint Petersburg? Want to go?

We help you find stuff that isn’t in your guidebook.

So what can we do for you?

help find interesting places

suggest & book activities and events

find excursions and guides

arrange accommodation and transport

Check out some trips we made happen!  

Or get inspiration from our miniguides

This is how it works:

Chat with us!

Tell us your plans and wishes for your trip. Let’s decide together what we can do to help you.

Pay by Paypal

We charge 10 euros per task. If you are a travel agency or organizing a trip for a group of people, please contact us for an offer.

We do the work

We ask around, google and get out on the streets to find you the best information.

Get your stuff by email

We send you your personalized miniguide and tickets by email. Non-electronic tickets will be delivered to you in St. Petersburg.

Need help planning or organizing your trip to St. Petersburg? Drop us a line!

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