About us

Nekipishui was founded by two Russians and one Finn.

We got tired of hearing from people how they would love to come to St. Petersburg but never do. Too often, it was the language barriers, visas and outdated conceptions that made them drop the idea of visiting. 

So we decided to make it easier and more interesting for others to explore the city we like so much. Our idea was simple: to help new visitors find their way to places they wouldn’t find without knowing Russian. 

Oh, and if you wonder about the name: “ne kipishui” is Russian slang for “don’t worry”. The name came up after brainstorming over tea in a lunch place near Sennaya Square one summer afternoon in 2009.


Mirka has wandered the streets of the city with her camera while working and studying in St. Petersburg. She’s responsible for the images on this website.

email mirka at nekipishui.com


Pasha has worked in St. Petersburg for ten years and knows the secret life of all typographies in the city. He’s a fun guy who will make you smile with his jokes and stories. 

email pasha at nekipishui.com


Dima used to play saxophone in a ska-punk band and knows the music scene in St. Petersburg like his own pockets. He’s also a diehard football fan.

Need help planning or organizing your trip to St. Petersburg? Drop us a line!

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