Impressed by the grandeur of St. Petersburg’s elegant neoclassical and baroque architecture, enchanted by the collection of Fabergé eggs and aristocratic tea sets, delighted, lost in time and a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of art and history in Hermitage Museum as well in the Catherine Palace. Pleased by Russian and also by Georgian cuisine that we had occasion to taste, not to mention about wine – full of different, deep flavors. This is how I experienced my very short stay in St. Petersburg.

We had only three days to discover the city of Peter the Great and we tried to make the most of every moment. Every day, we went on a few hours long guided tour (Fabergé museum, Hermitage, Catherine Palace, Peterhof and Peter and Paul fortress) to see and to contemplate what the rich but often cruel history had left. We also visited St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Church of Savior on Spilled Blood – both very unique. In the evenings, we enjoyed traditional Russian and Georgian dishes in Suliko (Georgian food), Mama Na Dache and in Russian Vodka Room №1.

Like my other trips, also this one, fed not only my eyes but also my soul.

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